Advantages in comparison with mechanical ventilation

Compared to conventional (Airway-Invasive) Mechanical Ventilation (MV), Atrostim PNS:
- Significantly reduces upper airway infections
- Reduces costs for single use airway equipment
- Improves the ability to speak
- Restores olfaction and improves the sense of taste
- Improves patients’ quality of life 
- Probably reduces mortality and prolongs life

The reduction of respiratory infections and the reduced use of single use airway-cleaning equipment pay off for the higher primary investment with PNS during the first year after start of use of PNS treatment.

The sigh function of the Atrostim PNS augmented by patient’s own effort , i.e.
- Glossopharyngeal (frog) breathing or
- Use of the accessory respiratory muscles in the neck enable the patient to cough, which decreases need of skill-full nursing-time.

Obviously due to improved ability to use controlling devices and facilitation of transportation improves quality of the life of PNS users.


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